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The Mountains to Sound Greenway in South Woods

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Restoration project needs volunteers on Sunday, November 6th
Volunteers from The Mountains to Sound Greenway group will be working alongside Shoreline and Lake Forest Park volunteers at South Woods, the 15.6 acres of lowland forest adjacent to Shorecrest High School on Sunday November 6th,10am-2pm.

In May 2006, Shoreline voters approved a bond issue to acquire park property and improve parks throughout the community. One element of that bond was to acquire the “South Woods” property to preserve as an urban forest. As part of the park restoration effort, the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust and the City of Shoreline are teaming up this fall to remove invasive plants, like English ivy, that have moved into the area and plant native trees and shrubs in their place to help restore the forest habitat of South Woods.

According to the City of Shoreline website
, South Woods, along with what are now Shorecrest High School, Kellogg Middle School, Hamlin Park and Firlands, was originally part of the Hamlin homestead acquired in the second half of the 19th century. The navy purchased the land in 1923 and a hospital complex was constructed as well as naval officer housing. Six houses and a non-married officer’s barracks were constructed on a 16-acre plot in the southeast corner, called South Woods.

The Mountains to Sound Greenway connects great recreation, mountain scenery, local history and vibrant communities in a 100-mile landscape along Interstate 90. This corridor extends from the bike and pedestrian trails on the Seattle waterfront through the forests and rugged peaks of the Cascades and down to the edge of desert grasslands of Central Washington. The Greenway includes trails of all kinds, wildlife habitat, parks and camping areas, working farms and forests. These lands are set aside to sustain clean air and water and are a part of plans for urban development that keep green and open spaces accessible to all.

With the increasing population pressures in the greater Puget Sound region, this landscape could easily become a long strip of shopping malls, business parks, and housing developments. The Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust is the organization that works to conserve this landscape, improve recreational opportunities and preserve forest lands to combat climate change.
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