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On Earth Day, give a nod to the planet

By Staff
Sno Valley Star

Even though Earth Day is April 22, the entire month has turned into an opportunity to show our appreciation for the third rock from the sun.

People all over the world demonstrate their appreciation for the planet and demand its protection, as well as organize events to clean her up.

Washington is no different.

Opportunities abound this month with special projects to do your part, like the Washington Coast Cleanup 2012, which happens April 21.

According to the Coast Savers website, 8,246 volunteers collected 277 tons of trash from our coastline between 2000-2010.

Figuring an average contribution of five hours per volunteer, that’s a total of 41,230 volunteer-hours contributed. If that’s the route you’d like to go for the 42nd Earth Day, go to

But there are plenty of opportunities right here at home.

The Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust is organizing several events in Snoqualmie and North Bend that range from removing invasive plants at Snoqualmie Point Park to trail maintenance at Little Si in North Bend. You can sign up at

The Snoqualmie Tribe and the city of Snoqualmie are sponsoring an Earth Day event at Sandy Cove Park in downtown Snoqualmie that includes a free salmon lunch. Contact Lisamari Emery at or 888-6551, ext. 2103, for more information.

The city of North Bend is also looking out for Mother Earth by holding its first of several sustainability workshops. Learn more at

If taking part in an organized event isn’t your thing, you can still take care of the Earth by collecting garbage when you go for a walk around your neighborhood or a hike in the mountains.

You can reduce your water consumption, recycle and reuse, plant a tree, hold off on using synthetic fertilizers or never be a litter bug.

Come on, go out there and hug a tree.

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