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New Factoria Trail Links Key Bike and Walking Routes

The city announced the completion of the Factoria Trail, which links a north-south bike route to the Mountains to Sound Greenway along Interstate 90. Learn all about it in a Bellevue TV produced video.

A new bike and pedestrian trail along 108th Avenue Southeast will make it easier for non-motorists to get to the Interstate 90 trail from downtown, according to the city of Bellevue.

Factoria trail, which opened last week, closes a gap between a key north-south bike route and the Mountains to Sound Greenway trail along I-90, a primary east-west route for the entire Puget Sound, according to a city of Bellevue press release.

Now, cyclists and walkers won't have to share Factoria Boulevard with mall traffic between the north end of 124th Avenue Southeast, which has bike lanes, and Mountains to Sound Greenway.

The $1.4 million trail is 10 feet wide and has two lanes. It includes a new informational kiosk at the Factoria Boulevard entrance to the I-90 Trail to help direct pedestrians and bicyclists to the new bypass connection, according to the city of Bellevue.

The $3 million 108th Avenue Southeast pedestrian and bicycle route, currently under construction, will connect Bellevue Way and I-90 for non-motorized transportation. Starting at the southern section of the project, a new 10-foot multi-use path will head north, narrow to six-feet, and turn into a four-foot wide bike lane on the east side of the roadway.

The Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust is studying the addition of a three-mile trail that would link sections of the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trail, which follows I-90 for 100 miles, from Seattle to Thorp in central Washington. There are gaps in the trail between Factoria Boulevard and Issaquah.

Funding for the Factoria trail included a state Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety grant for $605,000 and a federal Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality grant for $354,400.

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