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Mountains to Sound Greenway volunteers plant trees at Westside Park

Redmond Patch

A volunteer group from Waste Management joined a Mountains to Sound Greenway volunteer event on Thursday at Westside Park in Redmond. Volunteers joined City of Redmond staff and Redmond Park Forest Stewards to plant 75 native trees and shrubs to establish a forest canopy including conifer trees. Westside Park has a salmon-bearing stream running through it, and this project was part of an ongoing effort to improve the ecological health of the park.

The Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust runs an extensive stewardship program that brings thousands of volunteers outdoors to build and maintain trails and do ecological restoration in natural areas. In many projects such as this one, Greenway volunteers plant native trees which are critical to the health of the Pacific Northwest. Trees improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gases; shade creeks and streams, cooling water for threatened salmon; reduce erosion and filter pollutants to improve water quality; and provide important wildlife habitat.

About The Mountains to Sound Greenway:

The Mountains to Sound Greenway connects natural areas, trails, working farms and forests, historic towns and communities, wildlife habitat, and recreation opportunities from Seattle across the Cascade Mountains to Central Washington. The Greenway provides easy access to recreation and nature for millions of people in the Northwest, key to the quality of life in this region.

The Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust leads and inspires action to conserve and enhance this landscape, ensuring a long-term balance between people and nature. Founded in 1991, the Greenway Trust works to promote public land acquisitions, connect a continuous regional trail system, teach people of all ages about the importance of conserving forests and wildlife, improve recreation access, create new parks and trails and mobilize thousands of volunteers.

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