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Mountains to Sound Greenway receives $50,000 for Snoqualmie Valley watershed work

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The Bullitt Foundation has given a $50,000 grant to the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust to support its watershed-based stakeholder work in the Snoqualmie Valley.

The Greenway Trust is working with stakeholders in the Snoqualmie Valley on challenges related to agriculture, salmon recovery, forest health, and tourism and marketing. The Snoqualmie Valley, located just minutes from the Seattle-Bellevue metropolitan area, has some of the most fertile agricultural lands in the nation and its forests provide local timber, salmon habitat, and prime recreation for hikers, mountain bikers, and horse riders alike.

“We share the Bullitt Foundation’s long-term view for improving our region, and value their deep understanding of what it takes to succeed. We are very grateful for their support of this work toward ensuring the Snoqualmie Valley remains a healthy and vibrant place for generations,” said Executive Director Cynthia Welti.

Today, the valley faces population growth, development pressures, over use of recreation areas, and threatened wildlife populations. Stakeholders feel that many people are not aware of the valley’s immense regional value and communities within the valley are not well unified. The trust is working to build community in the valley around shared values and goals to help stakeholders collaborate and work more effectively, recognizing that landscape-scale challenges, such as forest health, can only be resolved with the cooperation of multiple interested parties.

The Greenway Trust’s work in the Snoqualmie will “nest very nicely within the broader context of the four-county Regional Open Space Strategy now under development. We are delighted to assist in the Snoqualmie and appreciative of the Greenway’s engagement in the ROSS initiative,” said Steve Whitney with the Bullitt Foundation.

This Snoqualmie Valley work is one part of the Greenway Trust’s watershed-based approach to bring people together around a shared long term vision for the landscape. This approach was an outgrowth of an effort to get the greenway designated as a National Heritage Area in order to conserve this special place for future generations. Learn more about the National Heritage Area at

The Mountains to Sound Greenway is the 1.5 million-acre landscape connecting Puget Sound and central Washington. The Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust leads and inspires action to conserve and enhance the Greenway, ensuring a long-term balance between people and nature. Founded in 1991, the Greenway Trust works to promote public land acquisitions, connect a continuous regional trail system, preserve rural lifestyles, teach people of all ages about forests and wildlife, and mobilize thousands of volunteers to care for the landscape.

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