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Mountains to Sound Greenway Builds 'Information Kiosk' in Lid Park

By Kendall Watson
Mercer Island Patch
The educational display offers an interpretive history of Mercer Island and is part of a network of eight kiosks along the Greenway trail, running from Mercer Island to Cle Elum.

The Issaquah Press is reporting regional non-profit Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust has constructed several informational kiosks along the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trail, which bisects the North-end of Mercer Island.

The trail, which runs from Seattle to Cle Elum, is well-used by recreational cyclists, commuters and pedestrians on a daily basis.

Among the kiosks being contructed along the trail, one was also built at the Lid Park parking lot on West Mercer Way, as the trail enters Mercer Island from the I-90 Floating Bridge. The displays offer visitors directions to other areas of natural beauty on the Island, a little history, and directions to the next point along the trail.

According to the Issaquah Press, the displays also include a QR code that web-enabled smart phones can use to direct the user to the Mountains to Sound website.


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