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Making a Difference for the Environment

By Jenelle Freeborn & Lauren Kube
King 5
KING 5's team captains share how they plan to make a difference this Saturday by reforesting a section of Discovery Park.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, we often take for granted all of the beautiful scenery that makes Seattle such a special place to live. From the sparkling watery roadway of the Puget Sound to the breath taking Mount Rainer on a sunny summer day – we are blessed to live in such a great city. However, if we don't continue to maintain our home, future generations won't be able to experience all that its beauty has to offer.

Therefore, we were both extremely excited when approached with the opportunity to volunteer with The Home Team in partnership with Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust for Make a Difference Day.

This Saturday, we, along with 30 other KING 5 volunteers, will be braving the Seattle rain to help give back to the community by reforesting a section of Discovery Park, as well as celebrate Mountain to Sound Greenway Trust's planting of their 100,000 tree thanks to a partnership with Carter Subaru and Carter Volkswagen! The Trust has planted close to 800,000 trees in all.

Since both of us are active users of all that Discovery Park has to offer, we were really excited to give back to such a special place. In addition, this project will be extremely rewarding for all involved because of the tangible and long lasting results – what is now a barren patch of the park will soon be beautiful and flourishing for generations to come.

So, mark your calendars for Saturday, October 25th to come get a little dirty and plant some trees – also, because it's a great workout, we give you permission to skip the gym!

Learn more about the amazing volunteer opportunities Make a Difference Day has to offer here:

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