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Explore hidden trails of Tiger Mountain on July 19 hike

By Rachel Osgood
Issaquah Press

Mountains to Sound Greenway invites you to hike the hidden trails of Tiger Mountain, traversing 9 miles from Issaquah to Preston, where the adventure concludes with a barbecue.

“The bulk of the hike is on Tiger Mountain Trail, but part of it is a guided experience through a network of trails,” said Margaret Ullman-Hess, communications and development manager for Mountains to Sound Greenway. “We worked with Green Trail Map to make a custom map for this trip, creating a journey through Tiger Mountain you may not be able to discover on your own.”

Hikers will park their cars in Preston and take a shuttle to the Harvey Manning statue in Issaquah, where Mayor Fred Butler will welcome the adventurers.

From there, local guides will lead the way, offering historical and ecological commentary about the mountain throughout the trek. The 9-mile hike will cover 1,300 feet of elevation gain through Tiger Mountain’s lush forests of hemlock, Douglas fir and maple.

If you go

Hidden Trails of Tiger Mountain Hike
8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. July 19
Registration is $25.
Sign up early here. Space is limited.

“The custom trail covers many different sections of Tiger, taking hikers through the recently acquired Park Pointe area and into the quiet moss-filled forest on the backside of the mountain,” Ullman-Hess said.

“This is an opportunity to have a good time and meet new people,” she added. “We are an organization that loves the outdoors and loves food, so of course we are ending in true greenway fashion with a barbecue.”

Hidden Trails of Tiger Mountain is an Explore the Greenway trip, fostering relationships between people and nature though volunteering, outdoor recreation and education. The Greenway 365 calendar of events lists outdoor recreation, farmers markets, festivals and family friendly outings to participate in year round.

“Greenway events are a great way to find hikes and beautiful landscapes that are practically right outside your back door and easily accessible,” greenway member Kristi McClelland said.

Mountains to Sound Greenway is a nonprofit organization committed to the preservation of 100 miles along Interstate 90, from the shores of Puget Sound in Seattle, over Snoqualmie Pass and into Central Washington.

The greenway encompasses protected and working forests, farms, historic sites, lakes, campgrounds, rivers, trails, wildlife habitat and vibrant communities.

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