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Eastside Catholic Students Pay It Forward

Sammamish-Issaquah Patch
Eastside Catholic students work with Mountains to Sound Greenway volunteers to remove invasive blackberry growth at Lake Sammamish State Park in Issaquah.

Today students will mark the private Sammamish school's "Peace and Justice Day" by doing service projects in the community.

If you see a mob of teens doing good work today, they are probably from Eastside Catholic School.

About 600 high school students will leave their classrooms this morning and descend on local charities and organizations for some real world experience in paying it forward.

Today is the school's Peace and Justice Day, and students will head out this morning to 28 different charities and organizations in the greater Seattle area to work on service projects. The types of projects range from yard work to being in classrooms with elementary school students to sorting.

"On Peace and Justice Day we gather to live our Christian identity, which requires us to be peacemakers and advocates for social justice to allow for the seeds of change to take root in our school community and our greater community. One of the objectives of Peace and Justice Day is to instill the core values of service as a way of life for our students," says Eastside Catholic Principal Steve Schmutz.

Here are some of the places you might see Eastside Catholic students performing service projects today:

  • Mountains to Sound Greenway – about 60 students will be split between Lake Sammamish State Park and the MTS Native Plant Nursery in Issaquah
  • Grand Ridge Trail – 15-20 students doing trail work.
  • Eastside Baby Corner – 15-20 students sorting inventory at 1510 NW Maple
  • Providence Marianwood – 15-20 students doing yard work
  • Discovery Elementary - 15-20 students assisting in classrooms
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