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Frequently Asked Questions about the Greenway Environmental Education Program.

Common questions about the Greenway Education Program:


Additional questions? Please contact Becca Kedenburg, Education Program Manager.

How much does the Mountains to Sound Greenway Education Program cost?

Our goal is to engage as many students as we can in our programs. To offset the cost of providing our programs, we developed a fee scale. It is based on a school’s percentage of students participating in the National School Lunch Program. These fees are per class.


Is the curriculum aligned with WA State learning standards?

Yes. We have outlined how our two most popular curriculums support the Next Generation Science Standards. (These standards are also called the Washington State 2013 Science Learning Standards. See more information here.


Do I need to teach the Introductory Lesson I receive from the Greenway?
Yes. The Introductory Lesson will prepare the students for the hands-on activity that we bring to the school during our in-class lesson.

Do I need to organize anything for the Greenway visit to our school?

Be sure to teach the Introductory Lesson beforehand and have a document camera set up.  You do not need to copy materials or have anything else available.


Are all Greenway field trips at Tiger Mountain?

The majority of our field trips happen at Tiger Mountain State Forest. If you have questions about field trips at other locations, please contact Becca Kedenburg.


How do we transport students to the field trip?

King County Metro Wheels to Water provides a limited number of free buses every year to transport schools with at least 25% of students participating in the National School Lunch Program to our field trips. We have a limited number of buses and they are reserved on a first come basis. If you are interested in this wonderful service, please contact Becca Kedenburg so you can get on the “good to go” list.

If you are participating in the Wheels to Water free bus program, please register at least 3 weeks before your field trip. You can find more information and the online registration form here: Wheels to Water.


How many chaperones do we need on the field trip?

At least 4 chaperones per class, not including the Greenway educator.


How many miles is the hike on the field trip?

We walk about 1-1/2 miles on a forested woodland trail and a dirt road.


How difficult is the hike?

Very easy. There are some roots and rocks in the trail, but it is flat the entire way.


How long is the whole field trip?

Once you arrive at Tiger Mountain the experience lasts 3-4 hours.  Lunch time is included in that estimate.


When does the field trip start?

The Greenway educator(s) typically meets your bus or cars at 10:00 AM at the trailhead.  Different arrangements can be made if that time doesn’t work for you.


When does the field trip end?

About 3-4 hours from the start time. Times vary depending on what time you need to be back at your school.


Is the trail wheelchair accessible?

Part of the way.  Please talk with the Greenway educator ahead of time about your needs. We have had wheelchairs on the trip with good success.


Are the Greenway Instructors CPR/First Aid certified?

Greenway Instructors have current Wildnerness First Aid certifications, and we each carry a first aid kit.


Are there bathrooms at the trail head?

Yes, there are toilets, but NO running water.


Do we need to bring a lunch?

Yes. Bring a lunch, water to drink and a backpack to carry it in.


What do we do if it rains?

Everyone should bring a raincoat. There is a pavilion at Tiger Mountain that we can retreat to if it rains hard, but we usually hike and work even when it is raining.


What are the driving directions to Tiger Mountain?

Directions to Tiger Mountain (26500 SE 79th St., Issaquah, WA 98027):

From I-90, take Exit # 20, the High Point Way exit, just east of Issaquah.  From the west, turn right (or from the east, turn left) at the end of the exit ramp onto 270th Ave SE.  Take your next right onto SE 79th Street, and proceed 3/10-mile to the open gate.  Continue through the open gate 4/10-mile up to the top of the gravel road to the High Point parking lot.  At the sign, veer right, pull forward, and park in front of the kiosk next to the “buses only” sign.  Pull forward to the far end of the parking lot.  The Mountains to Sound Greenway Instructor will meet your bus here, and will board the bus to welcome and orient you to the site.


Do I need to bring signed waivers to the field study trip or stewardship event?

Yes. Each participant under the age of 18 needs a signed youth waiver to attend a field study trip and a service-learning stewardship event. (One waiver covers a students for both days). Your Greenway Instructor will collect the youth waivers so please make copies for your own records ahead of time if needed.

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