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Biosolids Poster

Biosolids, The Ultimate in Recycling!

is an 11"x17" poster that chronicles the journey of biosolids from urban areas to forests and farms. General information on soil and biosolids, biosolids-related exercises, and resources are located on the reverse side of the poster.

Biosolids, The Ultimate in Recycling! is used in the Mountains to Sound Greenway Education Program for schools, and was created in partnership with King County Wastewater Treatment Division.

You may download (see links below) or request a printed copy of the poster, free of charge, for your classroom or environmental learning center. Contact King County Biosolids Recycling Program to order a copy.

Biosolids poster front 11 x 17 inches (15MB pdf)

Biosolids poster back 24 x 36 inches (3MB pdf)

Biosolids Poster

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