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Why is environmental stewardship important?

Click HERE to see Sally Kentch, our Education Program Manager, in a Loop video.

What is photosynthesis?

Click here to find out!


follow these links for educational videos:

MTS sign at sunset What is a greenway?
biosolids pumpkin row biosolids
sockeye breeding male salmon
MTSG watersheds map watersheds

Biodiversity Collage BIODIVERSITY

Sod Tray1 Erosion & deposition



Play online games here:

Test your knowledge about Producers, Consumers and Decomposers in this Sheppard Software Kid's Corner game.

Watch What's Happening in Stormville - Courtesy of Chittenden County Vermont Regional Stormwater Education Program.

Visit the PBS Kids website to watch some fun, kid-friendly videos about recycling, releasing pets into natural areas, and much more.

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